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Behind the scenes with The Outbound Life's 'Drone Art'

Recently, we at The Outbound Life embarked on an adventure with DJI exploring some of the most beautiful terrain in Oregon. Our goal was simple, to find out what happens when you put a drone in the hands of a talented painter.

We’ve all grown accustomed to the same postcard view of recognisable landmarks across the world. We set out to show that perspective is everything.

We furnished artist Made by Lisa Marie with a drone, providing her access to unique aerial angles so she could paint from the images transferred onto her computer. This empowered her to paint visions that have never been seen before.


At The Outbound Life, our fundamental purpose is helping people push their current boundaries, create new ways of seeing, of creating.

When diving into this project, we wanted to challenge ourselves from an audio dynamic as much as we did with visuals. In production, I think people often overlook sound, as if it’s an afterthought. For our kit, we brought a RØDE VideoMic Pro, Stereo VideoMic X, and NTG3 shotgun mic.

On the Pacific Northwest, there are so many sounds to be immersed in. One moment you may find a waterfall, the next you might encounter spontaneous raining or seagulls calling on the beach.

We really leaned on the Stereo VideoMic X to capture natural sound everywhere we went. When recording Lisa’s interview for the narration, we used the NTG3 mounted on the BoomPole Pro to get concise audio, while actively rejecting the ambient sounds surrounding us. The VideoMic Pro is our favorite all around run-and-gun mic; it captures great sound in almost any setting. Most of the audio you hear in the behind-the-scenes video was detailed with this.

Let us know the mics you’re using on your projects!


The Outbound Life was founded by adventure filmmakers and brothers, Kody and Kyler McCormick. The pair travel the globe using their filmmaking talents to bring rich, immersive content to life for brands such as DJI, Adobe, G-Technology, Glidecam and more. Find out more at