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"My Mom's Motorcycle"
Douglas Gautraud
My Mom's Motorcycle
Douglas Gautraud
This is a short film about how my mother become the owner of a motorcycle. It highlights the lives of my grandfathers and how I was inspired by them to connect to their lives with a motorcycle.
Behind the scenes...
In an attempt to tell the story of how my mom became the owner of a motorcycle, I used the following devices: Canon 6D Tamron 24-70 Rode VideoMic Pro Rode NTG2 Zoom H4n I knew this story was going to be broad and I would have to tell it briefly; this is why I chose to tell it in a dry format. I shot as much as the film in 70mm to achieve a flat look. I knew the sound of my motorcycle and the foley were going to be important so I didn't use my on-board audio recorder. Instead I opted to use Zoom H4n, a Rode Video Mic Pro and a Rode Ntg2 to capture all the necessary audio for this film.

Using this RØDE gear:

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