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Judges' BTS Prize
Tangled Paths: A Road Less Travelled
Armoured Heart Productions
Ambushed on his way to the tournament by the head of the King's Guard, a hero fights for the future of the kingdom, and to seek vengeance on a King who took away everything and left him with nothing but a sword. But for the ex-head of the King's Guard, a sword is all he needs to bring back justice and balance to the people of the land.
Behind the scenes...
Shot over two days in a local reserve in Sydney, with the extraordinary help of various talented crew, Armoured Heart Productions forges it's first film in what has become the beginning of our journey to make a series. We shot on a Canon 5Dmk3, and audio was recorded with a RODE NTG-3, on location next to a waterfall! Friends chipped in with their stedicam, zip lines and go pro, and not to mention the choreographed fight scenes carried out by some very talented individuals. Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro and post-sound in Logic Pro for creating a unique score and adding ADR recorded on RODE Broadcaster microphones... Almost a month in pre-production, and just more than a month in post, we have scraped together just in time the beginning an epic series. This is something you have to see. Huge bit thank you to everyone who came on board and helped put this together.

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