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Judges' Film Prize
Best Sound Design
Best Soundtrack
Best Cinematography
InkWater LLC
After getting a visit from a recently deceased colleague's troubled son, a powerful politician sees opportunity in getting him to do various jobs of questionable legality. A poisonous relationship begins that could unravel them both.
Behind the scenes...
Fixer is a short film written and directed by Matt Mahoney. To bring Fixer to life, we used the RED Scarlet, and 5D mkII cameras paired with Zeiss glass. By bringing in the most talented audio engineers we could, and arming them with the RØDE Smart Lav's, the NTG2, and various other RØDE products, we were able to capture the best audio possible in a variety of situations. Our team of producers locked down the cast, locations, and every other detail that was imperative to the production of the film. Truly an incredible experience.

Using this RØDE gear:

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