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Judges' Film Prize
Best Soundtrack
Best Cinematography
"A Gift Horse"
Gareth Openshaw, Jacob Mathews, Francisco Gozon
A Gift Horse
Gareth Openshaw, Jacob Mathews, Francisco Gozon
When a little girl makes an innocent wish, her parents will have to deal with the very real consequences.
Behind the scenes...
With an extremely tight deadline, we rolled out whatever gear we could get our hands on. The primary camera was the Canon 7D alongside a few lenses and as for mics we used a RODE NTG-2 for the main source of sound recording and a trusty RODE Videomic Pro as a backup. All lights and the Dolly were outsourced from multiple places and through friends with the majority of the crew just being friends and/or people we trusted. After the announcement of the competition (which we are very grateful for as it forced us to get off our butts and make something) we spent most of the time deciding on and developing the ideas for the film. We ended up choosing this one as it was mainly a fun idea, had a great story and could be realistically done on time. Pre-Production took the longest, finalizing the script, shotlist, actors, locations and props etc. Productions was done over 5 days spread across 2 weekends leaving a short 3 weeks for post. The actual Edit was easy as Francisco (DOP and Editor) had pre-planned the edit whilst pre-visualizing the film. Most of the time for post was dedicated to the composer as this film required a complex score. Overall, it was a lovely journey, a great learning experience and ofcourse.. fantastic opportunity .

Using this RØDE gear:

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