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Features and Specifications of the NT-USB Mini
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Feb 10, 2020
In this video, RØDE Product Specialist Ryan Burke takes us through the features and specifications of the NT-USB Mini.

Key features of the NT-USB Mini:

- A high-quality condenser capsule that delivers warmth and presence for a clear, professional sound.
- Directional cardioid pickup pattern optimised to reduce room sound and other extraneous noise.
- A smooth frequency response that sounds incredible in a wide variety of applications.
- In-built pop filter for reducing plosives.
- Unique detachable magnetic desk stand to mitigate knocks and bumps and is easy to remove.
- Integrated 360-degree swing mount for quick and easy positioning on a desktop, mic stand, or studio arm.
- Studio-grade headphone amplifier with precision level control and switchable zero-latency monitoring for eliminating distracting echo.
- Class-compliant USB output that works seamlessly with computers and tablets, simple to use – just plug in and hit record.

Learn more about the NT-USB Mini:

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