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TRS Splitter Cable

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  • High-quality shielded patch cable
  • Dual TRS output
  • 275mm (10.8”) long

The SC11 is a TRS splitter cable for connecting two mono outputs to a single stereo input. It is particularly suitable for connecting two microphones to a single DSLR-style camera, for example dual Wireless GO receivers, or a wireless receiver and a VideoMic. The SC11 is 275mm in length and is compatible with the cable management slots in the RØDE SM7-R and DCS-1 mounts. The output segment has in-built memory wire for neat cable positioning around your camera and the input segment is split into two – the black end records to the left channel, the red end records to the right.

SC11 Specifications
SC11 Specifications
Output Connection

Dual TRS 3.5mm


TRS 3.5mm

Weight (g)


Packed Weight (g)


Dimensions (L x W x H, mm)

Overall: 275.5mm (L)

Memory Cable: 152.5mm (L) x 3.75mm (W)

Flex cable: 97.45mm (L) x 3.30mm (W)

Package Dimensions (L x W x H, mm)

76mm x 26.5mm x 54.5mm

Compatible RØDE Products

  • DCS-1

  • Wireless GO

  • VideoMic NTG

  • VideoMic Pro+

  • VideoMic GO

  • VideoMicro

SC11 Support
  • How do I mic up more than one person?+
    • If you need to mic up a second person you will need an additional Wireless GO system. You can attach both receivers to the cold shoe of your camera using the DCS-1 dual cold shoe mount. Then use the SC11 splitter cable to connect both receivers to the single mic input of your camera. If you want to connect the Wireless GOs to your phone you will also need the SC4 adapter cable – simply plug the SC11 single input into the SC4 and then into your mobile device.


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