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Introducing the RØDECover Pro – Precision-engineered Protection for the RØDECaster Pro

Introducing the RØDECover Pro, a rock-solid cover for the RØDECaster Pro designed to protect it from dust, dirt, and spills while keeping your setup neat and ready to go when not in use.


Meet the RØDECover Pro – a rock-solid cover for the RØDECaster Pro designed to keep it safe and secure at home, in the studio, or on the road.

The RØDECover Pro is made from extremely durable high-quality polycarbonate, which shields both external and internal components and is built to last.

It has been precision-engineered to the exact specifications of the RØDECaster Pro for a tight fit that won't slip or slide, making it perfect for use at home, in the studio, or while transporting it in a carry case.

Complete your setup and protect what’s important with the RØDECover Pro – a must-have for any RØDECaster Pro owner.

The RØDECover Pro is shipping now. Check it out here.