To Live In The Illusion

Tigrana Nebesna
It's all about passion. It's also about everyday life of a person who is in love with his profession. About his thoughs, his ideas...Success. Does it come from hard work or it's a kind of magic? In our film we are trying to look into these questions and to explore the passion.

Behind the scenes of To Live In The Illusion

Is it possible to make a film with 0 budget? Yes!
If you have a few persons near you who appreciate interesting projects, not just commercial, you definitely can. I hope you have such!
This is how we made this film - with only enthusiasm, with problems with the weather (few times we've had to cancel dron flights), discontent with resident of house, around wich we beautifully spread cards (we've cleaned territory after filming). But thanks to all participants, we did it!

Our location was magic Cracow - it's ancient streets, beautiful roofs, mysterious stairs.

Gear used:
Cameras - BMPCC, Sony a7s, Canon 6D, dron DJI Phantom 4, some analogue of GoPro.
Sound - RODE VideoMic GO, Zoom h4n
Music - Musicbed

RØDE gear used

VideoMic GO

Tigrana Nebesna

Tigrana Nebesna - Director/Cinematographer/Editor

Micha? Kulik - Actor

?ukasz Bro? - Flycam Operator

Jasiek Mamo? - Camera Operator

Grzegorz Frasik - Dron Operator

Olia Osadcha - Subtitles Translator