Tic ToC

Frank Moody & The Yeager Road Gang
A man’s wife has been kidnapped; follow his frantic efforts to retrieve her.

Behind the scenes of Tic ToC

Our Film was shot on location in Carrollton, Georgia. We used several RØDE microphones during its creation, both during the shoot and after for ADR and Sound Effects capture. They were: NTG1, NTG2, NT-USB, (2) smartLav+ with InvisiLav's, VideoMic, VideoMic Pro, and the RØDE Rec App. We captured live audio and later created our own foley sounds using RØDE microphones. We also used Canon cameras and a ZOOM H4N recorder. Most of the shoot was filmed outdoors in moderate wind requiring the use of several RØDE Deadcats.

RØDE gear used

DeadCat VMPR

Frank Moody & The Yeager Road Gang

Frank Moody - Director/Editor/Sound Design

Randy Carper - Writer/BTS Camera Operator

Steve Bennett - Camera Operator/1st AD/BTS Editor

Alicia Moody - Executive Producer

Rodney Carlock - Sound Effects Supervisor

John Keenan - Associate Producer

Dwayne Carter - 2nd AD/Extra Cast Supervisor