Visual Meltdown
A bored husband and a Selfie-centric wife. What could possibly go wrong?

Behind the scenes of #Selfie

We shot for one day with a very small crew. It was great fun and everyone really got into the spirit of what we were doing.

We shot with the Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K with Samyang lenses.

We used a homemade dolly and tracks which squeaked like crazy, but luckily we took all of that out!

We recorded the audio with the RODE NTG-2 and used the RODE boom pole.

We edited and graded in Final Cut Pro X

RØDE gear used


Visual Meltdown

Alex Bowdery - Director/Writer/Sound Design

Pieter Becker - Director of Photography/Sound Design

David Dearlove - Director of Photography/Editor/Grading

Sophie Cox - Wife

Mark Cox - Husband

Adam Harvey - Production Assistant

Geoff Milverton - Voice-over