Feeling Fine

Maarten Rutten and Sarai Erkens
A lonely woman deals with, him, just ''feeling fine''.

Behind the scenes of Feeling Fine

We filmed the outside shots on two days using only daylight. For the dance shots we filmed in a small theater.

The crew was very small, basically just Maarten and Sarai. Then we had 2 dancers and a band making the soundtrack.

We filmed with a canon 700D. The voice-over (both the short film and the behind the scenes) and some location sounds are recorded with the Rode videomic pro.

Maarten's dad made a tripod dolly so we could make some tracking shots.

The editing was done in adobe premiere pro cc.

RØDE gear used

VideoMic Pro

Maarten Rutten and Sarai Erkens

Sarai Erkens - monologue, choreography and actor

Maarten Rutten - film and edit

Hannah Rogerson - dancer/ actor

Pieter Visser - dancer/ actor

I could float here forever - soundtrack