Rigid Motion Films
When life pushes Sam off of the edge something out of the ordinary stops him from hitting the ground.

Behind the scenes of Edge

In the making of 'Edge' we used the NTG2 as our main audio microphone, for our on board microphones, we used the VideoMicGo and the VideoMic to pick up anything we missed from the NTG2. We filmed this in Arlington TX, in the woods behind a good friend's house. We went mainly handheld for this shoot so the shoot could be done at a fast pace as well as to give it a nonchalant feel. Similar to how Sam is feeling about taking his own life.

RØDE gear used

VideoMic GO

Rigid Motion Films

Zachary Dyck - Writer, Director, & Editor

Dylan Nguyen - Cinematographer & BTS editor

Carter VanMeter - Head Cinematographer

Kylin Cofield - Grip

Jonathan Sicard - Sam