Order Up

Erbil Shaban
A Musical/Comedy set in a dysfunctional restaurant where tension builds between the waiter, the owner and three nonchalant chefs.

Behind the scenes of Order Up

Filmed with a Canon C300 and recorded with the RODE NTG2. Other equipment includes a slider, steadicam and plenty of lights.
Shot at the lovely La Gaffe restaurant in Hemel Hempstead over two days.
Location and equipment were provided for free (except for having to rent equipment due to callbacks) as it was a very small production.
The location was cramped, so opting for physically smaller equipment - and a small crew - was a must.
Blood sweat and tears (and many sleepless nights) were poured into making this film!

RØDE gear used

VideoMic Pro
Boompole Pro

Erbil Shaban

Erbil Shaban - Writer/Director/Producer/Editor

Richard Allen - DOP/Grader

Aimee Williams - 1st AD/BTS Editor

Billy Lewis - 2nd AD/Writer

Danny Cubitt - Sound Recordist/Boom Operator

Taz Fairbanks - Boom Operator

Julian Allen - 1st AD/Sound Recordist

Yasmine Latkowski - Composer

Richard Myers - Actor (Owner)

Ed Jones - Actor (Waiter)

Carmen Lykoo - Actor (Female Chef)

Saem Ahmed - Actor (Chef 1)

Chris Curlett - Actor (Chef 2)