Has Been

J.D.R.A. Entertainment
David Andrews is an out-of-work actor trying to enjoy crap coffee with his Agent, but he can't seem to get away from his fans.

Behind the scenes of Has Been

This was our first project to be shot on two Panasonic GH4's w/ two Rode NT3 Mics for sound. In the past, we've done many short horror films and one horror feature, so this was also our first attempt at dry comedy.
The film served as our final project to be edited on FCP7 as we are finally taking the leap to Adobe.

The short was definitely ambitious for a number of reasons listed above, but a major challenge was the 9-page script we were shooting that we knew had to peak at 3 minutes. Our solution: Everyone speak fast.

But we had such a talented Cast and (tiny) Crew that made the shoot move along incredibly smooth.

Chris Jehnert, Erik Kochenberger, & Syrissa Sacca

Written & Directed by: Dante Aubain & Joe Reizer
Edited by: Dante Aubain
BTS Edited by: Joe Reizer
Sound Operation by: Brandon Winters & Anthony Aubain

Special Thanks to our wonderful actors Chris, Erik, and Syrissa. And a very special thanks to Scott Winters & The Bagel Basket Cafe. If you're an NJ Native and not far from Spring Lake, it's a great place to chill come summertime.

RØDE gear used


J.D.R.A. Entertainment

Dante Aubain - Writer/Director/Editor

Joe Reizer - Writer/Director/Editor

Chris Jehnert - Lead 1 - "David"

Erik Kochenberger - Lead 2 - "Jeff"

Syrissa Sacca - Lead 3 - "Christy"

Brandon Winters - Sound Operation

Anthony Aubain - Behind The Scenes Videographer