Beer Run

Vince Emerson Media and Four Eyed Focus
An architect and a journalist form an unlikely alliance when they discover a mysterious clue lurking deep beneath the city.

Behind the scenes of Beer Run

The film took 3 days to shoot over the span of 2 weeks. We had to adapt around each others schedules and other challenges.

"Film noir" is the film-making style chosen for the project. The writing style takes inspiration from old adventure serials and is loosely based on a real local legend.

We used official RØDE gear for all of our sound capturing needs.

The project was a collaborative effort and the end result has left us feeling accomplished. We wanted to create something and have succeeded in doing so.

RØDE gear used

VideoMic GO

Vince Emerson Media and Four Eyed Focus

James Hardiment - Actor/Director/Writer

Caroline Uwamahoro - Actor

Nikonas Davis - Director of Photography/Storyboard Artist/Boom Mic Operator

Rathana Pen - Lead Camera Operator/BTS Editor

Moe Malik - Assistant Camera Operator/Editor

Majeeda Khan - Make-up Artist

Mensan Laté - Costume Consultant