Not Tonight

Not tonight
Paulina(honey) ,was driving back home to make the

dinner when suddenly runs over someone. she calls

her husband (baby) to inform him what hapenned to

her but she did it badly.when she get home to

make her aniversary dinner she calls again her

husband he told her he couldnt get home and

suddenly apears that somone she did runned over

and she runs...

Behind the scenes of Not Tonight

In this film :
-Rode video micro
-Rode video mic
- Dji Phantom3 drone
-Micro Boompole Pro
- Nikon D5100
-Nikon D7100
-Lenses : Nikor 35mm,18-55mm
-Led flash 2
-Led light
Location : Arica sorroundings.

RØDE gear used

Boompole Pro

Not tonight

Humberto - Guionista y director

Pablo P. - Productor, editor y camara.

Paulina O. - Actor