The Private Nose

Megan Chambers
"People poop in proper places. Canines don't"

Hard-boiled private agent, Kay is a detective with a difference.

She prefers her crime on four legs. Her target: Illicit canine poop.

Any dog that publicly defecates had better watch out. Because this lady means business.

Behind the scenes of The Private Nose

Camera: Sony a7s
Lenses: Canon EF mount zoom
Sound: Røde NTG2 Mic, Zoom Recorder
Location: Bulimba, Queensland
Style: Mockumentary/Handheld

BTS Specs:
Camera: Lumix GH4
Lenses: Olympus prime lenses
Sound: Røde Video Mic Pro

RØDE gear used

VideoMic Pro

Megan Chambers

Megan Chambers - Writer & Director

Hamish Thatcher - Cinematographer

Ainsley Pettitt - 1st Assistant Director

Will Wright - Sound

Tim McQueen - Editor

Jack Simmons - Assistant Camera

Tim McQueen - Behind-the-Scenes

Jennifer Lewis - Detective Kay

Logan Kelk - Interviewer