tips for modern humans

The Blue Wizards
In the pilot episode of a documentary that will never exist, Ben Sargent explores the forest to discover tips in the hope to help modern humans through a modern world.

With the aid of his trusty microphone, he finds the forest to be an overwhelming source of tips.

Behind the scenes of tips for modern humans

For the film we decided to go on location at a farm in a rolling hills region with a large pine plantation on the top of a (steep) hill. The majority of the fiming took place around midday with harsh lighting and a lack of ND filters.

Sound was captured with two different microphones, one NTG4+ with a WS6 Windshield was carried around with the presenter and the other microphone, the VideoMic GO was placed on the hotshoe of the camera for recording ambient sounds.

The camera used was a Canon 70d with Magic Lantern installed. Two different lenses were used, the Canon 24-105mm f/4 for the sweeping intro shot on the manfrotto video tripod and the Tamron 10-20mm f/3.5-4.5 for all the glidecam shots (using a Laing P-04s stabilizer).

All editing was done in Adobe Premiere Pro.

RØDE gear used


The Blue Wizards

Ben Sargent - Director/Presenter/Music

Nathan Shea - Cinematographer/Editor