The Upload

-C Studios
1985. Two scientists create a groundbreaking artificial intelligence that will change the world.

If you didn't understand the ending, read this:

Behind the scenes of The Upload

For our set, we took all of the furniture and everything on the walls in my dining room, moved it out, and decorated it based on some pictures we found online of computer scientists in the mid 80s. We lit the scene with the practical light in the room, as well as a clamp light and a row of bathroom lights. The video was graded using mLut by MotionVFX.

Camera: Sony alpha a6000
Audio Recorder: Tascam DR-60D MK II
Mic: NTG-2 - For both on-set dialogue as well as voiceover

In some scenes, we were able to use the blimp and micro boompole, but in others we just used the mic stand adaptor that comes with the NTG-2.

RØDE gear used

Micro Boompole

-C Studios

Chase Costner - Director/Editor/VFX - Himself/Computer Voice

Hunter Lee - Writer - Himself

Jacob Moody - Guy with Phone