Near Future: A female Android is left by her human boyfriend, after he finds out, she is not a real person. Trying to overcome her sadness, she visits her creator to become a real person and get a real heart.

Behind the scenes of v_2.77a

Our short film "v_2.77a" was filmed with the Sony Alpha 6300. Mainly we had analogous lenses from manufacturers like Pentacon or Olympus in use, which were adapted to the Sony Mount. Additionaly we used some modern Lenses like the Walimex Pro 35mm VDSLR or the kit lens of the Sony Alpha 6300. For Audio the Videomic Go and the belonging Deadcat from Rode were used in combination with an Zoom H1 Recorder. The making of was filmed with a Canon EOS 60D. Locations were a privat house in country area and a rarely used room in a school building. Post Production was done with the Production Premium Suite CS6 from Adobe.

RØDE gear used

VideoMic GO
DeadCat GO