Amicus Visual
While investigating a series of murders carried out by a notorious criminal, three of the four investigators on the case mysteriously die. All eyes turn to the last remaining agent for answers.

Behind the scenes of Late

This film was directed and produced by Danny Terner and Stone Zhang. It was filmed on a Canon 70D. The audio was captured with a Rode VideoMic Pro attached to the Rode Micro Boompole. This setup was attached to the Tascam Dr-40 using the Rode VC1 and the VXLR Adapter. We spent roughly five days filming and over twelve hours editing. Part of the filming process included location scouting, set design, gathering various props, as well as creating fake blood and vomit. Other equipment that was used includes the Flycam HD5000, a Proaim camera crane, a fluid head tripod, and various lights. The first day consisted of filming at our high school T.V. studio. After that, we begin filming Val’s death scene, as well as the conversation between Xavier and Stone. On the third day, we rehearsed Daniel and Stone’s death scene because we were dealing with lots of different props and set designs. We wanted to ensure that the actual day of filming would go as smooth as possible. Two days were spent at Kevin’s house filming those scenes. Editing began almost as soon as the final scene was filmed. It was edited in both Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects CC. During this time, we organized the clips, synced audio, color graded the footage, and added visual effects such as muzzle flashes and smoke. While this process was strenuous at times, both Stone and I thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and learned a lot about cinematography and how to edit a film. We hope you enjoy!

RØDE gear used

VideoMic Pro
Micro Boompole

Amicus Visual

Danny Terner - Co-Prodcuer

Stone Zhang - Co-Producer

Kevin Zheng - Set Assistant

Adam Kobeissi - Actor

Daniel Banooni - Actor

Xavier Mattison - Actor

Valedie Oray - Actor

Jonah Lopas - Boom Operator 1

Evan Brook - Boom Operator 2