Meant To Be (MyRodeReel'16)

The AL
Two people see each other day after day at the train station, and they develop a special connection.
When they accidentially bump into each other, she takes the opportunity to ask him to grab a coffee with her.
Although, she never thought this would happen.

Behind the scenes of Meant To Be (MyRodeReel'16)

Early on during pre-production we agreed that creating a pre-viz for key shots would help a lot in planning the shots. The schematic 3D representation would help determining the camera, composition and layout for the shots.

We used the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 as main camera in combination with a shoulder rig and the Sony Alpha 37 for shooting behind the scenes material.

Our audio setup included the Røde NTG2 shotgun microphone connected to the Tascam DR40 for mono audio recording. The setup was mounted on a boom stand during the shots at the coffee corner. At the train station the setup was mounted onto a boom pole to allow more dynamic angles.

During post-production, while analyzing the shot footage, we figured the our valuable microphone was in frame. Unfortunately, it had to be removed in compositing. During the same shot we also had the actress looking into the camera for a brief moment, which was fixed digitally. While filming we had the screen of the phone displaying a chroma-key color with blue tracker marks at the corners. This allowed for easy replacement in comp.

RØDE gear used


The AL

Jorieke van Zevenbergen - Actress/MUA

Luca Trovato - Actor/ BTS cameraman

Marjon de Bruijn - Actress/Holder KoffieTenTje

Arlon Swaders - Director/VFX/script supervisor

Lars Ruizeveld - D.O.P/Editor/script writer

Chris Longhurst - Train Blueprint provider

Eva van Doorn - script supervisor

Sommedia - Drone operator