Street Hearts | My Rode Reel 2017

Alex "Pressplay" Wohleber

RØDE Gear Used:

Stereo VideoMic X
RØDELink Filmmaker Kit

More Information:

My short documentary film on a homeless couple's struggle to live and find work.

Alex "Pressplay" Wohleber

Alex "Pressplay" Wohleber


This doc was very tough since I was following a homeless couple around for a couple days. I couldn't show certain things and I had to be very discreet. For the on camera mic I used the Stereo VideoMic X and for the interviews I used the RodeLink Filmmaker Kit with 2 Rode PinMic's. My technique was to be as thorough as possible given the limitations of the shoot. Camera used was Canon 1D X Mark II and 7D Mark II and glass was different Canon L lenses.