Trafficked | My Rode Reel 2017

Chris "Tiffer" Berry
Genre: documentary comedy
Mature Content

RØDE Gear Used:


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Trafficked looks deep into the ongoing issue of missing Traffic Cones. Something which has been growing within Liverpool and across the nation.
No Traffic Cones were harmed in the making of this documentary.

Okay, it's a mockumentary, but why do students keep stealing these things?

Chris "Tiffer" Berry

Chris "Tiffer" Berry


Tom Broadbent

Director of Photography

Adam Lowe

Sound Recordist

Alex Hannah

Sound Recordist

Arran Heaton

Aerial Cinematographer

Jade Mayers

Production Assistant
Art Department

Joanna Mozdyniewicz

Production Assistant
Art Department

Emily Turner

Camera Operator
Art Department

Lucy Ledger

Art Department

Melissa Hill

Production Assistant
Art Department

Trafficked was shot over the course of one long day. Thanks to the help of an amazing crew it all came together swiftly and smoothly. No actors were used, all parts were played by members of the crew.

Footage was shot primarily on Sony FS5 with real BTS shot on a Canon C100. Audio was captured with the RODE NTG3 shotgun mic running either directly into camera or into a Zoom H6 portable recorder.

We aimed to keep the film as realistic and serious as possible to help aid the ridiculous concept and gags throughout.

The BTS comes together to continue the running cones joke as well as demonstrate how much of a great time everyone had on set.