A GoPro Adventure in Les 3 Vallees - MyRodeReel 2018

Claudiu Voicu
Genre: action

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3 minutes of the hardest and most seamless transitions we could think of. All shot while we were on holiday in Val Thorens... and the upside-down.

Claudiu Voicu

Claudiu Voicu


Suzie Oosting


We shot all of this on a GoPro Hero 6 and a Fusion, none of which had decent sound-recording capabilities. We snowboarded down a few pistes with the NTG2 hooked up to a Zoom H6 and captured some generic snowboarding sounds, as well as the sounds of the lifts, jumping into water, etc. Once back home we also had to record sounds of us doing the snowboard bindings up as well! Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to capture as much BTS content as we hoped for, mostly because there was only the 2 of us there, and we were either filming or both in the shot at the same time. It also didn't help that we had to film everything in the 2 days of good weather we had in Val Thorens!