Rowan miller
Genre: action scifi

RØDE Gear Used:


More Information:

Things go a little crazy when a young boys imagination comes to life and begin terrorizing him and his older brother.

Rowan miller

Darien Griffin

Sound Recordist

Fatimah Sharif

Production assistant

Rowan Miller

Director of Photography
Camera Operator

This film consisted of a lot of running, so I used the Ronin along with the Blackmagic pocket camera to capture the footage needed. A few times we used my suv to chase. That was new for me, but I had a ton of fun. We used the Rode NTG2 to capture all the dialogue and nat sounds. Post was another beast altogether. Using 3ds max and after fx, I was able to create and animate the robot. Then marry the footage with the CG in AE.

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