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We’ve selected five common broadcast scenarios to illustrate how RØDE microphones will sound on location.

Indoor Interviews
Outdoor Interviews
Voice Over
Live Music (Acoustic)
Live Music
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During recording the microphones were mounted in front of the stage and are picking up the reinforced sound from the venue’s PA system, which is a compromised but increasingly common application. We’ve also included the ‘close miked’ audio from the venue’s mixing console so you can compare to the best-possible live music recording.

Each application has a different set of relevant microphones, as well as a generic ‘in-built’ camera microphone that was recorded under the same conditions using an industry standard camera for comparison.
Play Controls
The Rewind, Play/Pause, Stop and Loop buttons will control playback as described.
The microphone description shows an image of the microphone, as well as details on how the microphone was set up during the recording and the most relevant product features.


The RØDE Soundbooth for Broadcast is an innovative and user friendly application that allows you to listen to various RØDE microphones in real world scenarios.

Use Soundbooth to hear and compare how a particular RØDE microphone might sound when conducting interviews, doing voice overs and even when recording live music. Each recording was made with consideration to real-world conditions, as shown in the microphone setup gallery.

The results you will hear in Soundbooth will of course be dependent on the quality of speakers or headphones you use, and it has been slightly compressed to make Soundbooth fast enough for internet usage.


Outdoor Interview, Indoor Interview and Voice Over –Rae Johnston
Indoor Interview and all musical performances – The Snowdroppers
The RØDE Soundbooth currently does not support playback on Apple iOS devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod). However, there is a RØDE Soundbooth app available in the iTunes store here.

Welcome to the RØDE Soundbooth for Broadcast

Please wait while we load your selected application tracks.

Please note that the RØDE Soundbooth requires a modern web browser and a reasonable amount of RAM to play the tracks in real time.
If you experience any playback issues please ensure you have closed any unnecessary applications and browser tabs and reload Soundbooth.

RØDE Soundbooth

Soundbooth Broadcast
Welcome to the RØDE Soundbooth for

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  • Outdoor Interview
    Outdoor Interview
  • Indoor Interview
  • Voice Over
    Voice Over
  • Live Music (Acoustic)
    Live Music (Acoustic)
  • Live Music
    Live Music
Step1: Select an Application
Camera View
  • Built-In
    Camera Mic
  • Videomic
  • Stereo
  • Videomic Pro
  • Stereo
    Videomic Pro
  • NTG1 / NTG2
  • NTG3
  • NTG8
  • NT4
  • NT5
  • Lavalier
  • Headset
  • Pinmic
  • Reporter
  • Broadcaster
  • Procaster
  • Podcaster
Step 2: Select a Microphone
Microphone setup gallery
Choose an application
Step 3: Play Controls
Text goes here The chosen mic, setting used & mic features
relevant to the chosen application
Please select a microphone

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